Product: CLICK Software
Version: 2.60
Release Date: February 12, 2020

AutomationDirect has released firmware and programming software version 2.60 for the CLICK Series of PLCs, C0-PGMSW.
This version includes the following New Features and Bug Fixes:

New Features
Support for three new I/O modules:
  1. C0-04TRS-10
  2. C0-08TR-3
  3. C0-08SIM
Installation EXE files are digitally signed

Fixed Bugs
  1. Fix bug that may cause Ethernet CPUs to reboot.
  2. OUT Coil is not keeping address assignment, or a Nickname is automatically assigned
  3. Hysteresis Error unavoidable when Autotuning a new PID Loop in the Monitor Window
  4. C0-1x CPUs will Fault when using an Out Coil Immediate option to Output Modules
  5. Access Violation occurs in Export I/O MODBUS Addresses

To download CLICK software, please use this link: