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Totalizing in Productivity 2K using a Prosense Flow Transmitter

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  • Totalizing in Productivity 2K using a Prosense Flow Transmitter

    I am doing some preliminary work on a project where I will utilize a Prosense Flow Transmitter (FSA1-42-27H) with a P2K PLC. This will be a bit new to me and I have begun to consider how to best write the code to totalize water flow in total gallons. Any suggestions and/or example code would be appreciated. Thank you all!

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    Hope this helps.
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      Hey EthanG! Thank you! I will give this a look in the morning! Thank you very much!


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        Everything work out fine?


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          I'm trying to do something similar. I'm using IFM 4-20mA flowmeters and I've figured out the totalizing part. I have a task that executes every second and I can sum over the course of a longer time period to get a total

          However, what I'd really like to do is to produce a daily total and reset. How do I use the 'system time' in my ladder program? Ideally I want to start totalizing at 0:00:00 every day and reset at 23:59:59


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                Clock Hours  23    Clock Minutes  59    Clock Seconds 59             Store Totals and Reset
            ---------------]=[------------------]=[------------------]=[-----------------(^ OUT)
                Clock Hours  00    Clock Minutes  00    Clock Seconds 00             Do New Day's Totalizing
            ---------------]=[------------------]=[------------------]=[-----------------(^ OUT)
            Something like this?
            The 'Store Totals and Reset' tag would trigger whatever logging/saving you do and then trigger a reset of your totalizing for the day.
            The 'Do New Day's Totalizing would begin the totalizing all over. You will lose about 1 second of totalizing this way.
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              That would work! Thanks so much!