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  • GUI Design using C-more

    Hello All,
    I am a complete novice to C-more. Before this i have used Qt for GUI design. I had some questions about how to accomplish the following:
    1. Is there a way to have a status bar, so that even if the tab changes the status bar stays put?
    2. Time entry edit field in the HH::mm format with validation. I did find a numeric entry object, but not anything for time entry. Once entered and set need to decrement time till it reaches zero and then trigger an event.
    3. Also is there a way to have all objects use a common CSS for all the tabs to look similar.

    Apologies if the questions are too basic. Many thanks in advance.

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    1. no. but you can kludge one, neither way is elegant
    a. popup window frame
    1. make a new screen. it will be the anchor screen for your 'status bar.
    2. build your 'status bar' on the new screen. resize the frame as required
    3. on 'any other screen' add a popup window frame. reference the frame to the window containing the status.
    4. copy that frame to other screens where you would like the status bar to appear
    b. background screen
    1. make a new screen. it will be the background screen for all your other screens.
    2. build your 'status bar' on the new screen.
    3. in the screen tab on the left, select each screen which you wish to use the status bar.
    4. tick (in the area below the screens list) the checkbox beside the 'background screen'
    5. click the [>] flyout to select your 'new screen' as the background screen
    6. repeat items 3-5 until sufficiently tired of this process (sorry, poking at cmore)

    2. no
    3. no