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Ramp soak trouble

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  • Ramp soak trouble

    I am using the prod 2k with thermocouple an 8io card ( I will post model numbers tmrw) I am trying to ramp an soak an oven with multiple recipes in the run when called folder. In the main folder I'm scaling the thermocouple an named rungs to be called for during each recipe in ramp mode, a manual mode in which the user can set a temp for the oven to kick in an out at, a shut down rung that can be set manually an is also the out out of the ramp when the recipe is done. Everything works when called an goes green except the ramp soak recipes. The recipe rung goes green when button is pushed on cmore touch screento call the recipe. But the enable an run buttons don't in the run when called screen. I'll admit I'm a newbie. I've looked at tag names an don't see a conflict. I need some help please. I will post program when I get in shop tmrw. Thanks for any help.

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    For your multiple recipes, are you just changing the temperature and time period(s)? I'm just trying to understand why you'd program these in Run When Called folders. You could just create a data array that you store your recipe values to, and then have the appropriate recipe copied to your ramp soak instruction.

    - Todd
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      I dont doubt your opinion at all. This is the first time ive ever seen a plc ladder program outside of the click plc. This was my thought process (and again i realize that this may be or probabaly is wrong) By putting the ramp in a run when called i was able to simply make the oven operate in manual mode with a simple math equation of if the thermocouple is < the oven set point then the burner output is on. this was easy for me. not saying it was right. Here is a sharable link to my google drive to view what i have. Take it easy on Im trying to learn here. Thanks


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        Google drive zips the file. Then after downloading I am unable to extract it. Can you post the program zipped on this thread?