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    I am having programmers block on how to do the following:
    Via CMore Micro panel I want to select one of X ROOMs. Each ROOM will have Y VALVES of which user may only select one.
    User opens VALVE (interfaces to Batch Controller). All other VALVES are locked out until processing is complete and signal detected from Batch Controller.

    Since there are about 6 rooms and 4-5 valves per room, I prefer to select room and then ONLY the valves available for that room instead of selecting from a list of all rooms and valves.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    I am sure there are many ways to do this, but my first thought would be. (This is all assuming you are talking to a plc that controls the valves)

    1) Create a screen for each room with the valves for each room.
    2) Create a screen that has each room listed as a screen change pushbutton.
    3) When you select a room it will change to the screen with the room you selected with the valves for that room.
    4) If you wish to turn on different valves in that room then you could have button or switch controls on that screen for each valve.
    5) In the plc logic use a compare contact to look at the current screen number selected and only enable the valves associated with each room.
    6) You could also use the button/switches associated with each valve in series with the compare contact.


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      I would ;
      1. Create one screen with a pushbutton for each room and a bit in the PLC for each.
      2. Create a Stop/Start or Open/Close pushbutton for each valve in the largest room.
      3. In the PLC make a room integer and when a PB is pushed copy a number to mark the current room. Then use that integer in a compare contact with the Start/Stop PB in the output rungs to trigger the right valves.
      There is no wrong way, as long as the machine project work as needed.