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    Hey All,

    I really need help. I am trying to print a label using a DL05 or DL06 connected to a serial label printer. Zebra uses EPL or ZPL language depending on which model you are using. HAS ANYONE DONE A PRINTING APPLICATION? if so can you guide me in the right direction or maybe even provide a sample code.

    Mayur Patel

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    I use the ZPL language, Here is a sample of a string I just sent out my DoMore to a zebra:

    ^XA^PW800 ^LL800^FO190,20^ADN,30^FDAuto Picking Ticket^FS^FO280,80 ^ADN,60,30,^FDBIN 8^FS^FO250,130^ADN,40^BC,70 ^FD 508339^FS ^FO140,280^ADN,20,10^FDSKU LOC Ordered Packed^FS^FO100,310^ADN,30^FD CU103 1233 -2 -2 ^FS^FO100,370^ADN,30^FD CU125 1553 -1 -1 ^FS^FO100,430^ADN,30^FD OML107 1434 -1 -1 ^FS^FO100,490^ADN,30^FD ON108 4135 -1 -1 ^FS^FO0,580^ADN,30^FDTotals: 4 5 5 ^FS ^XZ

    Hopefully this gives you an Idea of the printing layout, but when it comes to the DL06, I have not printed with anything but a CoProcessor from the DL legacy line.
    Sorry I can't be more help, maybe if you could post what you have so far, myself or someone else on here can help you out.
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    Jason Wolthuis


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      Thanks PLCNUT.

      Here is the sample:

      PLC 06

      // Rung 1
      // Address 0
      STRN SP116
      AND C10
      STRND C10
      CNT CT0 K6

      // Rung 2
      // Address 6
      STRE CTA0 K1
      PRINT K0 K0 K2 """test 1"""

      // Rung 3
      // Address 14
      STRE CTA0 K2
      PRINT K0 K0 K2 """test 2"""

      // Rung 4
      // Address 22
      STRE CTA0 K3
      PRINT K0 K0 K2 """test 3"""

      // Rung 5
      // Address 30
      STRE CTA0 K4
      PRINT K0 K0 K2 """test 4"""

      // Rung 6
      // Address 38
      STRE CTA0 K5
      PRINT K0 K0 K2 """test 5$R$L"""

      // Rung 7
      // Address 48
      STRE CTA0 K6
      RST C10

      // Rung 8
      // Address 51

      // Rung 9
      // Address 52

      I would replace:
      test1= ""
      test4= "P1"

      Am on the right track? i cant get the sp116 bit to be busy so it writes the different ascii out....