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RAMP/SOAK with PID actual ladder examples please

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  • RAMP/SOAK with PID actual ladder examples please

    This is my first PLC project with Automation Direct. P2K with C-More EA9. I have an application to heat a tank of water with 5 ramp and soak setpoints. I have a thermocouple reading the temperature and solid state relays connected to cartridge heating elements for outputs. I'm sure this is a basic project but I can't find actual ladder diagram examples to compare to my program to see if I'm on the right track. I have watched all the youtube videos and read the help files, I have contacted tech support but couldn't help. I can send you the files of my programs or you can send me files. tim at walshdistillery period com As I found you can't upload these files to the forum. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    See this previous post:


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      RMP with PID is needed. Are you thinking SEQ into a PID?


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        Yes you can use the Sequence instruction to do the ramp/soak table and the output of the steps into the PID. For instance step would could start at 100 make that the setpoint in the pid. In the sequencer you can have the step sequence from an event ( bit from a compare when the process variable = setpoint) and a duration. So when the PV is at 100 and has been at that setpoint for x amount of time move the next temp in and sequence to the next step