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Wanting to add a feature to this program

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  • Wanting to add a feature to this program

    I have been fighting with this for a better part of the day, it seems like a very simple task. What I have is a machine that has an hmi connected to a plc. The machine has 5 functions. Each function has a single button on the hmi. Press it desired output turns on. Press another button previous button indicator and output turn off then most recent output and indicator turn on.

    That part works great. Added to this machine is a remote using input x4 and x5. They are normally open buttons attached to these inputs. X4 is an "UP" button and X5 is a "DOWN" button.

    What I would like to do is setup the machine to be able to do as follows.

    Operator pushes the first button on the hmi which is Blower fan pb. That output turns on. Now using the X4 button I would like to be able to press it and have the machine turn off the blower fan pb and its output, and move onto the next pb/output which is Condenser fan pb.

    Basically I would like to be able to go forward or backwards through those 5 pbs using the x4 and x5 or use the touchscreen buttons on the hmi. I am struggling with this and it seems simple. Any help would be appreciated. The program is attached.

    Thanks for your help and I appreciate any input.

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    Use a register which will contain the numbers 0 - 4. Each value enables one of the functions with an equal comparison. The first mentioned 5 buttons will trigger contacts each of which triggers a ld/out of the appropriate numerals into the register. The up/down buttons will trigger contacts which enable logic to increment/decrement the value with the appropriate wrap around logic.

    Try this modification of your program
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    Last edited by bcarlton; 12-23-2017, 04:58 PM. Reason: Modified program to add back in indicator 'C' bits for HMI.



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      Thank you for your help. The program works, I appreciate you taking the time to help me.

      Thanks Again