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    Please any help would be appreciated. First time programming DL PLC and having issues with a F2-04AD-2 setup. I'm not sure if is set up correctly using a 250-1 with card in the sixth slot after CPU so set it for slot 5 if my readings was correct. Attached is screen shot of beginning of program If someone could let me know if that part is correct.
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    The first 4 boxes in your screen shot look to be setting up analog module information for slot 7, the 8th slot right of the CPU, last slot in a 9 slot rack.

    The middle 4 boxes may have been trying to set up analog module information for slot 6, the 7th slot right of the CPU. However, the 5th box is missing a couple zeroes at the end, and the 8th OUT box would have the wrong slot address to store the values (should be V7676 for slot 6)

    The last 4 boxes appear to be setting up analog module information for slot 5, the 6th slot right of the CPU. The LD K8400 sets the module to store the values in binary (the 8) and to store all 4 channels (the 4). The values from the analog card will be stored starting in Vmemory location V2400 based on the LDA O2400.

    This information can be found here on pages 3-14 and 3-15...

    Since you are using DS-5 and a 250-1 CPU, there is an I-Box for that module set up that will make things easier than using the route you have chosen.
    ANLGIN IB-460

    Hope this clears thing up,
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      Thank you for information on the Ibox didnt know about this function. I am using Analog in 0-10v slot 5 and a anolg out in slot 6 and a thermcouple card in slot 7. I will use the Ibox and see if can get any readings. All working except the analog in right now.