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Converting Analog Input Data

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  • Converting Analog Input Data

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    So I am getting started using analog input cards and have a project that I am working on. So I have a voltage of a fan that I am measuring. The measurement is from 1-5 volts dc. I have the jumpers set properly on my input card and its receiving data and seems to work well. Here where my issue is. When you look at the program snippet I circled my section of logic that I basically copied from the pdf I found on using the card. My data going to my HMI does not match what I am measuring with a volt meter off the fan itself. What I am obviously doing wrong is the conversion the divide/multiply. What I am receiving for counts when my fan voltage is 2.13 volts is 4095 counts in the V3100 memory location. I would like to get the data in the memory location v3101 to show the volts of my fan and then access that memory location to show it on the HMI. What I would like to know is how to properly scale my data, how to know how many counts a range should produce "ie 5 volts = 1000 counts etc". I am not just wanting an answer but some help and education on how to do this with other types of analog inputs. 4-20ma, 0-10volts, etc.

    Thanks for you help in advance.

    Thank You

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    It sounds like you have the 5/10 volt selection jumper incorrectly set. The first rung with its BCD instruction implies that the value is being provided by the analog card as binary. Check that.
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