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DL06 LCD not updating

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  • DL06 LCD not updating

    I have a pretty simple program. Monitor one input (pressure switch), if the contact is not made, SET one solenoid, send message to LCD K1 "VENTING". This part works like a dream. When the pressure switch is made, RST the solenoid, write to LCD K1 "VENTED", JMP to another stage. Well when the pressure switch is made, the program does RST the solenoid, it does JMP to the new stage, but it does not update the LCD??? LCD still reads "VENTING", but the solenoid is turned off, both commands are on the same rung, with the LCD command first???? Really lost here, if I put the LCD command in the new stage, it works to update. Is there some rule about LCD being the only command on a rung?

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    Possibly it takes more time to write to the LCD than the stage is running?
    Will it work putting the LCD message writes outside of stage programming and setting the logic of the messages to conditions manipulated in the stages?