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  • Do more PID loop

    Looking for some guidance regarding a heat PID loop in Do more designer. I am using an H2-DM1-E. I have a loop that is working but it overshoot quite a bit until I manually set bias to a low number. Anyone familiar with with this process and maybe able to explain how the bias works?


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    Sounds like your loop isn't tuned quite properly yet. You really shouldn't need to play with Bias unless some outside influence is messing with the loop such as opening an oven door that causes an artificial drop in temperature. Even then the loop would likely fix itself fairly easily.

    If you are using the P, I, and D parameters, you may only need P and I. D is rarely needed in most applications. Also autotuning of the loops is available as well in case you missed it.
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      I did note a bias "issue" in this post
      but I don't know if that has anything to do with what you are seeing.

      And I have not yet started up the system with heat zones, so no first hand on that.