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Programming help to verify inputs make, but break after an output is sent (Click plc)

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  • Programming help to verify inputs make, but break after an output is sent (Click plc)

    I am not a programmer, just a maintenance manager that is short on skilled people. I need to program multiple inputs to initiate a machine cycle. After the machine has cycled, they must be programmed in a way that they all have to break before allowing them to all be logically true again for the next cycle. (To prevent machine cycle when inputs are cheated to stay on all the time.) Thanks in advance for any good help.

  • Kf2qd
    Set a latch on start and reset the latch when all the required inputs are off. Start you process by using a oneshot (DIFU) of the latch.

    ---| |--------| |--------| |--------| |-----(SET) All input must be true to set latch
    ---|DIFU|----------------------------------(Start Process)
    more process code here...
    ---|/|--------|/|--------|/|--------|/|----(RESET)All Inputs must be false to reset

    I am assuming that you have a number of process cycles happening in the course of 1 part cycle and before you can start the next part into the process all the process cycles must have completed on the previous part and it is ejected... And the process cycles are asynchronous.

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  • RogerR
    Have not put into a plc to check, but this is one method that could get you started.

    Set a latch for each input if it is off while the machine not in run.
    If all these bits are made, then the condition has been met.
    When the run turns off, reset all latch bits.
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  • bcarlton
    Add either a new final step or new first step for the cycle which waits until all the inputs are cleared possibly for a minimal amount of time.

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