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Make wireless sensor talk through Internet Cloud

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  • Make wireless sensor talk through Internet Cloud

    Hey All,
    I am working on project called intelligent greenhouse system for which I have been suggested ny my guide to use IOT development kits so I am using Raspberry Pi interface with Gas, temperature sensor, I was capable to code both sensors and monitor the readings, but now I need to use digiemesh product's RF module to connect with sensors which communicate with raspberry pi using wireless communication.
    Also I need to send this monitoring readings to internet cloud and store the it in database and use API service to create the application which help to display the readings of sensor in dashboard form on smartphone as well as desktop web browsers also use alarm notification to keeps posted about any disruption takes place either in temperature defined readings or in value of gas sensors via SMS as well through application
    But making wireless sensor through internet is something new and not aware, Your Suggestion on this will be much appreciated
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    There’s more than one problem here.
    1. Berry to sensors. I won’t discuss it cause you say is figured out- at least the wired configuration.
    2. Net to Berry. On this one you need to develop a server which responds to internet on a certain port, so you could serve data to the cloud. Then you need to develop a client app able to connect to a server on cloud and update the Internet IP address of your Berry. Now the cloud server has the internet ip of your raspberry, which can be accessed by a client also on the cloud. This client, knowing the address, will poll the server on the raspberry to find the sensor data. you also need a second server on the cloud, able to serve this data back to internet, the a phone client app able to interact with this last server.
    All in all, although simple, you need to develop code for:
    client( ip sending) and server (sensor data sending) on raspberry,
    then another client( sensor data receiving) and a server (raspberry ip receiving) and another server( sensor data sending) on cloud,
    then another client app to receive data on iPhone.
    my question to you is this: why are you asking internet programming on a plc forum?


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      Can we also use the iOS devices to integrate into this which I purchased from ???? I want to use my iOS device to connect with it.