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HMI with CLICK ramp soak w/o pid

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  • HMI with CLICK ramp soak w/o pid

    Looking to program a ramp soak control with c-more micro and click drd without using a pid. Possible?

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    There are some posts on this forum with code that can be used on the click for a basic PID like control.
    The ramp soak would have to be coded as a value to be used as the setpoint with the value gradually increasing over a specified period of time.


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      Thank you. I'll try to locate these posts. At least I know it's possible.


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        I would say that it is possible, but using a different PLC would make things much easier and accurate.
        The BRX or Pac would be a good choice as they have built in PID control.


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          Just describe the process. You need your socks softened? PID is a method to adjust to a set value by controlling the overshooting, but given the narrow margin of support for the inertia of the system ( canít accept variable inertia), PID is a hit or miss. Just describe the process, it saves time and effort.


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            I think I have located a system that integrates the process into one HMI, a lot easier. Thanks for all the input.