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  • New to ladder logic.

    Our company bought a dust collection system with multiple motors contacts that they automated with a cmore touch screen in conjunction with the click plc. I am struggling with the outputs of the cmore screen buttons and the plc. I have a main program with the start and stop buttons and a sub routine system start program.

    The plc does operate the system start with timers perfectly but the company also wants them to be turned off with a timer sequence and no matter how I write it I cant get them to turn back off. I am turning to the experienced ones for some advice. They just threw me into this and feel a little overwhelmed.

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    Can you post your plc and screen program?


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      the cmore panel is meant to configure your cycle. you may decide to start your cycle from the panel, but the stop can only be automatic. additional emergency stop needs implemented, independent of the hmi.
      communication from cmore to plc is probably serial lines, very probably modus protocol. you do not get to control the process in real time via hmi, this is unsafe. what you do is configure, while the run is automatic.
      you need a programmer with industrial exposure to commission or troubleshoot. of course any programmer can do that, however there is a risk of unsafe or unpredictable behaviour in operation, hence the need for someone who understands safety from engineering perspective. you can give it your best try or even fool around, but the machine can not be operated outside a testing environment.


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        I agree with Roger, if you ZIP your program files, and attach them to your next response, we can look it over and provide suggestions. I'd like to know what brand of dust collection system you're using. A buddy of mine used to sell Cutler-Hammer D100 PLC's for a dust collector manufacturer in California.
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