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Trying to halt program via proximity sensor

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  • Trying to halt program via proximity sensor

    Hello All,

    I have an EZ420 PLC that I am using in a test bench application and need a little assistance wrapping up a program ( I am fairly new to programming and any assistance is sincerely appreciated). I have a motor/clutch/EMP brake combo that is driving a gearhead/inertia wheel to test the E-stop capability of the gearhead. The inertia wheel has slots that are milled into it that are read by a proximity sensor. My goal is to have the program halt when the proximity sensor does not register any counts after the brake cycle. I am reading the counts during the braking cycle and they are being displayed on the HMI. I am trying to use a LTE command to initiate the shutdown sequence but it is not working (if the prox sensor count register reads less than or equal to 1 energize the coil to run shutdown sequence). The shutdown sequence works but I am not sure how tie it to the sensor register reading 0. I have also tried using an "= to 0" comparator to energize the coil but all that happens is the shutdown sequence is not acknowledged and the cycles continue to run. If anyone has any insight as to how I might get this to work I would sincerely appreciate any insight. Thank you in advance fir your time and have a great day!


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    I recognize EZ420 as an obsolete display from EZAutomation. If you are using a plc from Automation Direct please specify it. Zip and post your current program. Technically you wouldn't halt the program. The program would stop executing a portion of it's program but would otherwise continue operation.



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      You could implement a control bit which once set, the program calls a routine that checks wether the bit was reset via operator reset button. Upon reset, the program will resume execution on next cycle. If still set, the program should skip or end. Is just a matter of checking the click automation software, you should find there the control bits, maybe n useful system bit or even a straightforward instruction, like a go to or jump to restart program cycle.
      you could also wait for someone else to do the program for you, but for example I donít even have access to software since Iím not around any windows computer. So is best to study and try it yourself.


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        Yes, I am using an obsolete EZ Automation PLC and not anything Automation Direct related (except for the VFD). At this point I am trying to gain insight while working with what I have (I was angling to get a Koyo product from Automation Direct be that has been shut down for the interim). Thank you or the responses, I will try creating a subroutine to jump to the shutdown sequence, thanks!