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C-more - Click - SureStep - Dynamic Text SCL

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  • C-more - Click - SureStep - Dynamic Text SCL

    I am fairly new to PLC and have my Click project almost complete. Using a C-more micro to Click to SureStep 80100, I am wanting the operator to be able to set motor speed through the HMI on the fly. I watched the automationdirect youtube video on controlling a stepper with click, but the video only shows static inputs. I am struggling with finding examples on how to do the txt conversion.

    I have been able to control the stepper speed with analog voltage, but the stepper drive seems to reset at times. Hopefully this reset will stop when I start using SCL.

    For the stepper velocity, the HMI screen will have up and down arrows with a scale of 1-10. I would like to convert the scaled number to a Jog Speed(JS) and send to the stepper drive(SCL).

    Any examples are appreciated.


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    The above links will help you in converting a register to text or back again. I assume that you are using serial communication for the stepper drive.
    The following will link will help you with the C-More Micro.

    I hope this helps you out.


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      Perfect, its up and running now. Thank you Garry