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ID:	127276I am attempting to write a Modulo expression using an Math-BCD I-Box-521. The red dot in the upper right corner indicates an error with my expression. Can someone explain to me what is wrong? The Help file indicate that this is a valid operator. I am using DirectSoft6 the PLC is a DL06 CPU version 2.3

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    Maybe the % needs to be right after the number? Or put your number right next to it without a space? Or maybe your DL PLC cant do percentage and you need to change it to multiplication format. ( * .36)


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      You need a k in front of the 36 to indicate that it is a constant. IE k36
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        I do not miss these semantics errors.
        Somehow a '36' could be misconstrued as anything else...
        I'm not being disrespectful to the DL family. I have some understanding of the power contained in the instruction set.
        I just don't miss it.