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    Some more things show up. Timers and maths that were not considered earlier.
    that would (most likely) require a reorganization of memory, so that sequential memory locations (of the required datatypes) could be accessed as blocks of data.
    If you are thinking of rewriting from scratch, I would think you could do **MOSTLY** how you want. I would think it difficult to surgically strike into the address-space as-is.

    EDIT: I don't mean to say that this is NOT possible with your current programming, just that I don't see an easy to assist over the forum method of doing it.
    I did reread most of this thread: Your statements in posts 6 and 11 are noted!
    From posts
    6: I'm trying to get a bare bones program going just to show proof of concept.
    11: I'm not going to ask you guys to write any code for us or anything like that just guiding me in the right direction would be awesome.
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      Le's detail some of your earlier statements:

      1 Right now we have the PLC receiving an 11 byte message via ASCII. Do you have permission/access to change this data/format? Are the other 10 bytes important to THIS concept? (maybe for other connector/cycles?)
      2 Inside those 11 bytes is a byte of information that tells the PLC what connector we are using. Do you SERVICE ONLY ONE CONNECTOR at a time?
      3 We would like to use that byte ( or more if needed) as the variable/configuration for the code. This may answer Item 1 Q1
      4 It will receive the 11 bytes on the first scan and one byte will request connector 1. First Scan?? of what?
      5 So it will use that byte to run the code for connector 1.
      6 Next cycle it will ask for connector 3, then the same 10 lines of code ( or sub routine) would run for connector 3. Is there a connector 2?

      Do (or will) ALL 'connector' cycles have exactly the same I/O format? Is that ONE input and FOUR outputs (If I read the snippets correctly)?