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Variable programming

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  • Ridgeline Mach
    More information is needed to provide an answer.

    1. What action starts each clamp? A pushbutton? Or are they cascaded, one after another?

    2. What action releases the clamps? A pushbutton? After a signal by a sensor? After an amount of time?

    But, to provide "some" answer, I envision you just programming 8-outputs to do the clamping, and say for my example, they cascade in their implementation; one after another. When the output for the 8th clamp is energized, you could also have a jumper wire from the 8th output to power an input that is, for lack of a better description, "the last clamp of the series is made", and then do your logic. If say, you're only using 6-clamps, then instead connect the jumper to the sixth clamp output, to give the PLC the signal, "the last clamp of the series is made."

    This way, you have the same generic code for all your machines, and your only worry is the wiring of the jumper from the last clamp in the series.

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  • DannyD303
    started a topic Variable programming

    Variable programming

    Hello all,

    I'm new to the Click PLCs and to be completely honest I haven't had much practical experience with any PLC's since college. That being said I recently started a new job that we use Click PLC's exclusively and I'm trying to help clean up some of our 'Common Code'.

    We use the PLC to control air solenoids for clamps. On any given product we will have 2-6 clamps and sometimes even 8 clamps that could be used. We have a program that releases all clamps at the same time but inside the logic we basically have the same code copied several times over depending on how many valves we use on the job.

    I'm wondering if there is a way to write one set of "generic" code that could be automatically configured inside the PLC. That way instead of having 30 lines of code for 6 valves we could use one set of 5 lines that repeats and changes outputs 6 times.

    Like I said its been awhile since I've really programmed PLCs so I'm not even sure this is possible but any ideas/suggestions/comments would be awesome.

    Thank you for reading!