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Turn an led on - Modbus and Labview

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    Originally posted by bfitz View Post
    Also, I see Bob types faster than I do.
    No Sir, I just wrote a whole lot less.

    Great explanation Brian


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      Thanks very much guys; you've shed a great deal of light on the subject. I've printed out the manual and will be going over it on the long weekend.

      The PLC programs are written (by other guys on the "team") and running on the machine (thankfully). My mission is to write the Labview "HMI" (as it were) and tie it all together with the rest of the sensors (temperature, humidity, etc.) into a nice neat package. I'm trying to come up to speed as fast as possible (hence the questions). When I'm confident that I have control of the Labview part interfacing to the PLC code I'll start doing the screens for each of the PLC's.

      I found a bunch of information regarding OPC on the Software toolbox site. They have a few hour long videos that I'm watching ( They seem ok so far (if not a little slow).

      Thanks again for all your help.

      Mike T.