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L.A.C.T Unit Program

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  • L.A.C.T Unit Program

    Hi all!
    I'm new to your world and need to learn PLCs. So far it's like drinking from a fire hose. LOL

    1. Which course would be the best for a beginner?

    2. Does anyone have an example program of a L.A.C.T unit conrtoled by a PLC. We will have several slaves communicating to a master.


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    PUSHPINS, Interconnecting Automation has many training options at different levels, beginning and advanced.
    Also, there are many resources on the AutomationDirect web site: guided tutorials, sample programs, product manuals, application notes, etc.

    Sorry I can't help out with question #2, I do not know L.A.C.T unit is?


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      Lease Automatic Custody Transfer

      Low producing oil wells slowly fill their tanks. When the level is high enough a pump turns on pumping oil to the next tank and counts the number of barrels transfered.


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        Thanks for the info on L.A.C.T. That is interesting.
        We have done a number of tank/pump control systems.
        We have never worked on (or heard of) a L.A.C.T. system.
        It's amazing what people do for a living.


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          I've seen systems similar to what you describe in McKean County PA. Seems like a good project for a DL05 or DL06 PLC.

          One additional method of learning PLC's is to buy a DL06 and the printed manuals. Just start reading, it will come to you if you have any experience with programming languages.



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            here is one i built for one only local but it will help just ask and i can help you talk to others.
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              I also want to learn about PLCs and was wondering which the right course is. I am happy that I bumped into this forum. As mentioned, interconnecting automation site has a lot courses that I can choose from. I believe I will become a pro next time I visit here and would be able to answer some of the queries.
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