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  • Warning C0204


    Based on the thread entitled "Analog Output programming for a click PLC" I have used a math instruction to assign a value to the first analog output DF3 which I have given a nickname of "FlowValve".
    I have used other Float addresses (DF5 - DF7) to act as variables to hold MinSpeed, MaxSpeed and CurrentSpeed. I manipulate CurrentSpeed and then assign the result in CurrentSpeed (DF5) to the FlowValve(DF3).

    Upon syntax check I first receive the following warning in a dialog:

    GUI-071 The following memory address has already been used by other settings. Warning! It is recommended to use another memory address.

    There is one line in the grid that indcates
    Address: DF3; You just assigned to: [CPU BuildinI/O Setup] DA1; Already used by: Ladder Program

    Clicking ok yields the continuation with the syntax check then issues the Warning C0204.

    The cross reference view indeed reveals I have referenced DF3 in various subroutines (listed in the program name column) with an instruction of Math; however, there is a line that indicates DF3 has a program name of CPU with an instruction of Analog Output.

    So obviously I am doing something incorrect but I don't understand how to properly reference and assign a value to DF3.

    Thank you for your help in this matter.
    JP Brazill

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    I'm seeing something similar. Despite the warning, everything works as expected.


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      Warning C0204

      I spoke to a technical support person (those guys are unbelievably great) about it and it appears if you refer to an input or an output in the main program as well as in a subroutine you will receive that warning.
      JP Brazill


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        Thanks for the tip. Agreed about the AD support guys.