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  • DL06 Analog Module programing help

    I would like some advise on programing for a F0-2AD-2DA-2 analog output module installed on a DL06 PLC. I only need to use 1 output (0 -10v) for a GS2 AC Drive. I formatted the DL06 for slot #1 , in V-700 designated V-2010 to store the data (octal) for the output in V-702(Pointer).Since I am not using the inputs I did not assign a pointer for that. If I just want to output a constant voltage do I (LD) a digital value representing a voltage D=4095/10(V) in V2010.Do I need to convert the digital value to octal? It would help me much if I can examine some program examples. I will appreciate any feedback . Thanks Keklon

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    If you want to output a constant voltage, you need to load a value equal to the number of counts that the voltage represents. IE your 10V output module has 0.00244 volts per count. So if you want to output 3.2 volts you would output 1312 counts (3.2V/0.00244Vpc=1312 counts).

    As to how you output it it depends on if you set the card up for binary or BCD. 1312 in binary format(hex) would be a LD k520, OUT Vxxxx, where xxxx is the location of the channel on the card. For BCD it would be LD K1312, OUT Vxxxx.
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