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    I need to be able to change the execution time of a drum, it appears that I can only use a constant, is there any way I can use a variable for the time(.01 sec/count). If not, is there another way of controlling a drum at different speeds?

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    Have you ever played with Stage programming? Basically, each step in an EVENT DRUM would be a separate stage, driving the set of outputs desired for that drum step. You would then use the Event to JMP to the next stage. If it was a Timed only step, you would use a Timer (which can have a VARIABLE PRESET). If it was an Event AND Time, you could use an accumulating timer with the event tied to running the timer, and again using a VARIABLE preset.
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      Originally posted by franji1 View Post
      Have you ever played with Stage programming?
      I would like to second franji1's suggestion for stage programming. I have attached a couple of programs, one for stage and one for drum. I believe they both do the same thing as far as controlling the machine.

      This was a project I helped someone with (Tim) a while back

      When you do a project in stages there is ladder view and stage view. Stage view is a function block or logic flow chart view of how the logic would be solved. If you are fairly new to ladder logic the stage programming style should be easy to master. It's a little tougher if you have been using ladder for 25 years. Once you get used to the advantages of stage it's frustrating to program without (as in some other PLC platform)!
      In the stage program Click on "view", "stage view" to get a glimpse of the logic flow chart. The "green highlighting" that shows status you see in ladder view will also be in "stage view". This way you can see where you are in the logic flow chart.

      While you are in ladder view, check out the timer in stage 1 (SG1) you will notice that it is the same timer used over and over again (in different stages). This timer could have been used with a different preset like you want, just insert the preset when the stage is active. This particular project did not require different time settings but it would be easy to implement in stage and almost impossible in drum. Not impossible but messy and hard to implement.
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