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  • Data from DL06 to Excel

    I want to get data from my DL06 into Microsoft Excel. The DL06 will be on Ethernet. By data I mean time stamps of events, values of timers and counters. These could be in tables. I would like to have the data automatically export to a csv file 1 time each day. Then I can setup a macro in Excel to import the data from the csv and organize it. I have used a C-More with FTP to do this in the past but was unhappy with the performance of the C-More and the whole thing was rather cumbersome. I did download Point of View and try to learn to use it but after following the tutorial program I don't understand how Point of View works so I don't see that as an option. Is there an iBox or something in Direct Soft that will export data that I am not seeing?

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    Sadly, no. IBoxes are just macros that generate native DL instructions under-the-covers.

    ​This would be easy with a 205 based Do-more H2-DM1E CPU that has built-in Ethernet (STREAMOUT @DmLogger instruction) and DmLogger.exe on the PC. The programming software is free and DmLogger is free. You are using an 06, so your I/O costs would not be too bad on a 205 system. No need for an ECOM100 module because it's built-in to the DM1E CPU.
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      C++/C#/Java/VB (depends what you know better) with ModbusTCP works perfect in such applications.


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        AdvancedHMI <=> ModbusTCP <=> CSV/dB
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