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    I have a valve that only has a 200 ohm load, and trying to run it off of the F0-04DAH-1, (4-20ma).
    The card has a 250-750 rating.
    My valve will not operate, but the card is working fine according to my meter.

    Has anyone experienced this? What would a fix be?

    Possibly puting a resistor in the circuit to bring up the load?

    Thanks in advance.

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    adding a resistor will bring the load up, and should solve your issues...


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      Just a few thoughts: Did you try to put your meter in series (mA input setting) with the card output? That should add some load and prove/disprove your theory. Are the card pointers set to the correct format for the logic? The card does not power the circuit. If your meter is loop powering the circuit when you are test driving it with the meter in mA output setting , it will appear OK but if the module has no power to it when sending the output to the valve, there will be no action.


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        I don't want to insult your intelligence, but in my experience well over half the problems with 4-20 mA positioners were the result of reversed polarity.

        Just sayin'