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Light curtain fault

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  • Light curtain fault

    I just installed a contrinex light curtain (ybb-14-k4-0150-g012) on a record preess with a dold safety relay (LG5925-48-900-61) with 2 A/C coils being powered through the relay at about 250mA each circuit. Without a clear pattern the light curtains will fault with both alignment LED'S coming on and and the "break" leads while the channel lights stay illuminated as well as the power, this can be resolved by resetting the sending unit. With only one circuit going through the relay the fault still happens, just not as often. I now have a separate 24vDC relay being triggered by the safety relay to power the 2 A/C circuits and the light curtains have been operating 2 days now continuously without issues. Seems to me like the A/C is messing with the logic in the safety relay somehow triggering the monitoring of the light curtain outputs.
    Any ideas how to deal with the A/C circuits so the safety relay can be utilized properly?
    Thanks in advance for any help, feel like this should be a pretty simple issue to resolve but I'm still at a loss.