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Think & Do Win7 and Shortcut Keys

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  • Think & Do Win7 and Shortcut Keys

    Hey all,

    We're in the process of upgrading some of our test stands. These have been using Think&Do on WinXP for a long time. The upgraded machines are now using Think&Do on Win7. When the Think&Do runtime launches the test program it goes full screen. We have a secondary program that communicates to our ERP system which we always opened up by setting it up as having a F8 shortcut key from the desktop. That way once Think&Do is full-screen they can still bring up the secondary program to scan in serial numbers. The numbers are written into a database which Think&Do reads from.

    In Win7 once Think&Do goes full-screen it doesn't allow the keyboard shortcuts to work anymore. My question is: is there something in the Think&Do settings that could cause it to turn off shortcut keys or something in Win7?

    I don't actually program PLCs or anything, I'm more on the database/IT side of things, but I'm trying to assist in getting this test stand functioning like it did in WinXP. I'm not particularly familiar with Think&Do so I'm just throwing out feelers here to see if anyone happens to know why this is happening or has dealt with something similar. If this is the wrong forum for this if anyone has suggestions where a better place to ask would be please let me know.

    Thanks much!