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Lookout Direct on WIndows XP

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  • Lookout Direct on WIndows XP

    Customer has Lookout Direct (I believe version 4.5, but could be wrong) connected serially to a DL450. We have added radio telemetry Micrologix 1400 to control remote pumps' VFDs. I would like to be able to add a driver and tags to the Lookout Direct scada to be able to allow the operator to adjust pump speeds. The SCADA will be upgraded and the DL450 goes away in a few months so if we can't get this done, it is not going to be a huge problem. As it sits right now, the operator can only adjust the pump speeds from its local HMI at the pump room 6 miles away.

    I poked around in their SCADA the other day and it appears I can put it into edit mode, but I did not easily locate where (if?) there is a place to add tags or drivers without actually creating control objects. I located a quick start guide and skimmed it the other day, but didn't learn much.

    So I need to be able to poll a few tags temporarily from this ethernet connected PLC (which is on the same network and can ping). Not sure if this old software supports the Micrologix, but I did read about a SLC drive so if I stick with N file addresses it "should" still work...once I figure out where to put in the PLC tag and IP address info in Lookout.

    Any help appreciated.
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    LookoutDirect is beyond its usable life, even the current full version (Lookout 6.7.1) is past its prime.

    In order to get the system to talk with the ML1400 you would need to use an OPC server to talk with it for Ethernet/IP. Kepware is a good one.

    Depending on the IO and complexity of the system, I would suggest another HMI software. Point of View/InduSoft is pretty decent and is priced well. Others that would/may work would include ClearSCADA, Wonderware, iFIX, mySCADA, DAQFactory, etc.
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