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Lookout Direct on WIndows XP

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  • Lookout Direct on WIndows XP

    Customer has Lookout Direct (I believe version 4.5, but could be wrong) connected serially to a DL450. We have added radio telemetry Micrologix 1400 to control remote pumps' VFDs. I would like to be able to add a driver and tags to the Lookout Direct scada to be able to allow the operator to adjust pump speeds. The SCADA will be upgraded and the DL450 goes away in a few months so if we can't get this done, it is not going to be a huge problem. As it sits right now, the operator can only adjust the pump speeds from its local HMI at the pump room 6 miles away.

    I poked around in their SCADA the other day and it appears I can put it into edit mode, but I did not easily locate where (if?) there is a place to add tags or drivers without actually creating control objects. I located a quick start guide and skimmed it the other day, but didn't learn much.

    So I need to be able to poll a few tags temporarily from this ethernet connected PLC (which is on the same network and can ping). Not sure if this old software supports the Micrologix, but I did read about a SLC drive so if I stick with N file addresses it "should" still work...once I figure out where to put in the PLC tag and IP address info in Lookout.

    Any help appreciated.
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