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Problems referencing control bits for 3 wire momentary start/stop at Altivar 61

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  • Problems referencing control bits for 3 wire momentary start/stop at Altivar 61


    I'd like to preface that I am a freshly graduated chemical engineer with little experience in the hardware side of control systems. I am working on my companies control system and attempting to write automation code for the cleaning process. I was not involved in installing the equipment and the person who did is no longer with the company. I have quite a bit of documentation but its disorganized at best. The problem I am having is with a centrifugal pump and the control bits in Do-More that turn the pump on and off. Right now there is two out bits that act as push to stop and push to start and control bits that are referenced by momentary push buttons in the C-more EA9 panel. When trying to reference the already in place control bits in my new program it caused a problem where the buttons on the EA9 panel no longer responded. I double checked every rung referencing the control bit to see if there was an active rung giving continuous signal to the control bit, but there was none. I then attempted a work around where I put in a parallel control bit to the output bit for both the start and stop button. I got my automation to work once with a single parallel control bit. The program ran flawlessly. But when I put a second parallel reference in to the cleaning program and the pump control rungs it skipped the pump turn on and off rungs entirely. So I am at a loss to where the problem could be. I think it may have to do with the wiring scheme at the altivar 61 or how do-more is referencing the control bits. But I don't have the experience with the hardware to move forward comfortably. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.