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    Hello all. I am trying to add a function to one of my CMORE programs and need to know if it is even possible.

    One of my screen's is pretty well loaded with functions/information and I am trying to add one more in the way of a hidden button. Is there a way for me to add a hidden button, kind of like when you hold to top left hand corner of the screen to get into the System Screen, so I can access another screen in my program without having to add another button on the current cluttered screen?

    Thank You in advance,


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    Are you talking about a button over something that wont become active until you hold it down for a certain amount of time? I believe there is no way to do that, if you just looking to a button that is invisible, just make it the same color as the screen background.


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      That may be difficult. Attached is a screenshot of the screen I am working with. Not sure if I can put a small enough button fit in there somewhere that will be functional.

      I was talking more like when you go into the System menu by pushing and holding the top left hand corner of an EA7 or EA9 screen until it comes up.

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        You could make an 'invisible' button as alchemist562 suggests. It is possible that as you main screen loads an outline of this 'invisible' button might briefly appear. Make it a momentary on button and tie it to a bit in the PLC. In the PLC use a timer enabled by the bit. On timeout use the screen control function of the CMore to transfer to the desired target. Also on timeout be sure to Unlatch/Reset the bit controlled by the button.



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          UPDATE: The invisible button idea worked great. Thanks for the advice!