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Trouble connecting to BRX control.

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  • Trouble connecting to BRX control.

    Been using AD products for years on different projects. Just finishing up a project on a three axis tapping machine using the BRX control (BRX-DM1E-36ED23-D).
    Could not be happier with the results. The high speed axis commands are great to work with, much easier then CTRIO.

    I am using the USB adaptor to do the programming and for the most part OK. One time it crashed really hard.
    The problem is connecting. Sometimes it needs to be in term sometimes in stop and once in a while in run?

    If all else fails need to cycle power then might connect. VERY irratatting.

    I can see the USB lights flash but it will go into a time out. Checked the connection and can make the lights flash so i know i have com.

    Any thoughts.

    Thanks JTA

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    The only way the mode would have an effect on comms is if the scantime in RUN mode is very high, or if you were using a timed or event interrupt that was occurring too fast for the PLC to keep up.

    I'm sure ADC tech would be willing to help, or if you email Host at, we'd be happy to help as well...just tell them BobO sent you.

    USB comms should just work. If they aren't, there is an issue.