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    I have an older wire cutting machine that I believe has a controller that is starting to fail. I have never used Click PLC before and I am not sure it is even able to do what I need. What little I have seen on this site I am thinking I might be able to achieve my goal using Click plc, but would like to see if anyone could verify this. I plan to continue to read and watch videos on this site, but was hoping someone might reply while I am researching that has experience with this.
    Items that are currently controlled or used by this controller include:
    5 - Festo MFH-5-1/4 6211 Solenoid valves
    1 - 1/4 HP, 130 VOLTS, 1.8 AMPS, 2500 RPM Electric Motor
    1 - Encoder (not sure on the model of this yet) Is used to count wire length
    2 - TURCK BI 2-G12-AP6X 50MM inductive Prox Sensors
    3 - Safety switches to verify that safety covers are is proper position before starting the running cycles.
    1 - Wire Out Sensor ( might be a another proximity sensor I haven't opened that part of the machine yet)

    The User Interface allows for:
    Setting the length (set using a keypad while holding enter length button)
    Entering Number Of pieces needed at said length ( set using same keypad while holding enter piece button)
    1 - potentiometer to adjust Motor speed
    1 - potentiometer I believe is used to determine how long one of the Solenoid valves opens for (not positive if this is how it functions as I never really used this one ) Always left at 0
    Button to start the Motor
    Button to start the cycle (cycle is cutting x amount of pieces at x length)
    button to stop the cycle ( used to stop cycle before entered piece count is reached )
    Has a Piece cut counter (I think its considered a Electromechanical Counter)
    1 - large Red emergency stop button

    So would I be able to use Click PLC to replace this old controller while using most if not all components currently on this machine?

    I seen the video on controlling a AC motor, but wasn't sure if I would still be able to use a Potentiometer to adjust motor speed or if it could be changed to some digital interface if using a touch screen HMI.

    Am I able to control the solenoid valves with click plc?
    Will the software allow for me to have a piece counter display on screen rather than using the old electromechanical counter? I was looking at maybe using something like EA1-S3MLW-N - C-more Micro EA1 series HMI with EA-MG-BZ2 - Keypad bezel, 20 predefined function keys (if Needed).

    How can i tell if my current length encoder is usable with Click PLC? Currently the length is entered in Metric (mm), and if I jumper some terminals it will switch to standard(inches). Will the software allow for me to determine the length unit?

    I think from the few videos I have watched I am able to create functions. So once the User enters a length and Cut count they would press a button to start a cycle.
    Cycle would be something like this:
    1. verify safety guards are closed
    2. verify wire out sensor not open
    3. verify emergency stop not pressed
    4. start ac motor ( at set speed determined by pot or preset number that can be changed while running?)
    5. switch solenoid 1
    6. when length reaches x
    7. switch solenoid 1
    8. switch solenoid 2
    9. switch solenoid 3 till Proximity switch is triggered
    10. switch solenoid 2 & 3
    11. add 1 to total piece count subtract 1 from cycle piece count
    12. If cycle piece count not = 0 go back to step one
    I am missing some steps but its roughly what would be one cycle. It would need to monitor for wire out sensor through whole process and safety switches .

    I think this might be enough to verify if Click PLC would be able to do what I need. I hope I am not over looking anything, any help would be appreciated


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    I don't have much time to look at this but the Click does not have a high speed counter (for encoder interface). I would look at the BRX platform.


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      Or DL06, but the BRX is significantly more powerful and has more features.


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        If you are just doing one PLC, the cost of the software for the DL06 is pretty prohibitive also.


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          Another vote for BRX. While a CLICK interrupt could read a unidirectional encoder at a modest speed I think a BRX would be much better for not all that much more money.


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            I'll just add that the Emergency Stop and safety guard interlock circuit will need to be run separately from the PLC. It is OK to send an advisory input to the PLC so it knows the status of the E-stop circuit, but the PLC cannot have an active role (unless it is a safety-rated PLC, which these are not.)

            “Felix, qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas” - Happiness is understanding how things work.


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              Thank you for all the help. I will research more into the BRX systems and come back with any questions I might come across.