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click plc and drum

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  • click plc and drum

    i love click plc it is the easiest cheapest but i wish it would have a drum with time and event

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    Why not just set up a counter as a sequencer? Most of the equipment I've programmed here at work uses this, even though they have a drum sequencer as an option. 05, 105, 205, 305.

    Disclaimer: I haven't used a Click yet so not sure if there is anything that would prevent using a counter that way, though I would be very surprised if there was.

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      Click has a drum


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        You could also create a Stage-Type program in the Click to do what a drum-sequencer does. Use a bit to trigger a SET, then use that SET bit to qualify the condition needed to advance to the next step. Once the trigger happens, SET the next Stage and Reset the previous stage. Make as many steps as needed and then either loop back to the beginning or simply end the stages and await the start-trigger.


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          As mentioned above the Click PLC has a drum instruction. See the link below for a post on using the drum in a traffic light program.

          Here is additional information on the Click. If you are familiar with PLC programming it will get you up and going quickly using the Click PLC.
          Click PLC Series (Automation Direct)
          System Hardware – Video
          Installing the Software – Video
          Establish Communication – Video
          Numbering System and Addressing – Video
          Timers and Counters
          – Counter Video
          – Timer Video
          Compare and Math Instructions – Video
          Program Control Instructions – Video
          Shift Register – Video
          Drum Instruction – Video
          Send and Receive Instructions – Video
          AdvancedHMI Communiation – Video
          Create an Analog Voltage Input Tester for a PLC – Video
          Wiring Testing Analog PLC Input Click – Video
          Modbus RTU Click PLC Master to BRX PLC Slave Communication – Video


          Drum instructions are great tools when you have a simple sequence of events that need to occur at a set time interval or as a result of an event. They mimic an electromechanically drum sequencer. The Click PLC has a drum in the instruction set.


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              Originally posted by Ridgeline Mach View Post
              The ad from EZ Automation was rude to Host.
              Generally ads are driven by your browsing history.


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                I am aware with what the OP is talking about. While Click does offer a drum instruction it can be either time based or event based. One cannot have both in the same drum. It would be nice to be able to mix the two in the same drum.


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                  I've not seen one that will do a combination, but it would be very easy to roll your own.


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                    The Productivity PLC Drum and Sequencer allow for Duration, Event, Duration AND Event, Duration OR Event. Like others have said, implementing both in Click wouldn't be hard.