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New bug in Productivity 3.0.1??

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  • New bug in Productivity 3.0.1??

    The new version of Productivity software is not letting me see the tag data base -- anyone else having trouble???

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    Did you ever have this software running on a PC with two monitors?


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      Go to Tools>Reset Screen Layout.


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        Thanks for the quick response -- this PC has only one monitor, and resetting the screen layout doesn't help. OS is W10 on an AMD Radion 6570 processor set. The old version is re-installed and runs correctly and allows me to see the tag data base. In the new version, the tag data base was the only thing I couldn't see, everything else seemed to work OK.


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          Please contact our tech support with the following information:

          1) System report with new sw ( installed and online with the plc.
          2) Log file from the following location after you have installed sw and seen the issue.
          C:\ProgramData\AutomationDirect\Productivity Suite
          3) How you are installing the sw.( there are 3 options)
          a) Installing over the old sw
          b) Installing as a new instance
          c) Removing old sw and installing new
          4) All info about your PC ( laptop/desktop, OS, etc...)

          Please contact AutomationDirect's Technical Support team.

 Technical Support: 1(800) 633-0405 or (770) 844-4200
          Email Tech Support:


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            PSeries_Eng had it. I erased the original zip file as well as the extracted product. Uninstalled the instance and started over from scratch. The new file expanded into a somewhat larger folder (don't know what got missed the first time) and installed correctly. Thanks for the help. works like a champ now.


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              thanks for the update.
              I'm sure that I will probably do that, too!