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P3K to Solo temp control

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  • P3K to Solo temp control

    This may be better suited to the communications forum and admins feel free to move it if you wish.

    I am new to programming for serial communications and have read all of the help files for the P3K as well as the manual for the Solo Temp controller but I am struggling to understand how to get a basic communication established. I am working in theory right now just in Pro Suite (I do not have the p3k system yet).

    It would be very helpful if I could see an example program that sets up the RS485 protocol as well as read a few variables such as set point and current process temperature.

    Thanks a ton to anyone that takes the time to help!

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    P3K to Solo

    You will need to setup your P3 CPU hardware serial port settings to match the settings you configured in your Solo controller.

    Then use an MRX to read the two registers PV (Modbus 44097) & SP (Modbus 44098), make sure your two tags in the P3 are Integer 16 tags.

    See attached .jpg's to see examples...
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