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  • P*K Motor Following

    Has any one worked with the p 2-3k, HSI, HSO in a closed loop motor following application? I need to have a stepper motor follow a main shaft at a programed ratio, (main shaft pulses : (ratio(stepper pulses))) . Pulses in * some number = Pulses out. I can't use speed, not exact enough. The stepper go a set distance at the following ratio then reverse directions. repeat. The main shaft speed is always changing. This is a winding application.

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    Maybe something like this:

    Each scan:

    Main shaft counts * ratio -> to SMOV relative move
    If position = x counts invert direction on SMOVE
    Main Shaft counts = 0


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      That feature is Electronic Gearing. P(2-3)K with HSI/HSO alone is not really intended for that.
      On top of that your application needs to dynamically change that ratio very fast.
      Other options are:
      -STP-DRV-4850 and STP-DRV-80100 are capable of doing Electronic Gearing. You will have to serially (RS-232) from P(2-3)K send the ratio (periodically).
      -Domore BRX can also do Electronic Gearing
      Hope it helps