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Solo 4848 and Kinco HMI, can't read/write to/from data registers in solo.

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  • Solo 4848 and Kinco HMI, can't read/write to/from data registers in solo.

    Good afternoon. I have a Solo 4848rr and a Kinco MT4434T HMI. The two are communicating via serial rs-485 and Modbus RTU.

    I am current able to read and write to the bit registers to simply change 0 and 1s... the hmi updates and the solo reflects the appropriate changes..but I seem to be missing something when trying to write or read data registers. I can't get numbers from the solo or write any to it.

    for example.
    when attempting to read the solo PV (modbus Dec 44097).. I place a number display field pointing to kinco function code 0X and 44097 address. In numeric data tab for the same field, I select unsigned int, with 4 integers. I'll also make sure the solo only displays whole numbers rather than decimals. I'm not sure if this is failing to work because I'm selecting the incorrect data type properties or because I'm missing something else all together. Anyone have any knowledge of doing this very thing or any ideas on what I could attempt?
    thanks much!

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    Not sure if my problem is related to yours, but I have a Solo 4824 connected to a AD USB-485M USB to 485 adapter. I can't get anything from the PV either, using Modscan32. I get queries in the traffic window showing the correct address and function code (SOLO set to Address 5), but no valid responses from the Slave according to Modscan32.

    My query looks like this: [005] [004] [172] [064] [000] [001] [016] [202]
    The response looks like this: [005] [132] [002] [131] [000]

    The drivers wouldn't install from the included installation CD, had to go to the Silicon Labs website

    =( )=

    to download the CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP drivers to get the system to recognize the USB dongle.

    I'm beginning to suspect a problem with the USB-to-UART bridge.


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      I should have mentioned that the SOLO software works properly, and Modscan32 correctly connects to bit registers in the SOLO controller. The only problem is trying to read/write registers.


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        Okay, here's the solution. The address you want to use to read PV is "4097", not 44097. The leading 4 is added by the Function Code. Use only the portion of the address listed after the leading 4. SP is 4098, Input Range High is 4099, etc.


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          you are correct with your lastpost, i found the same to be true but forgot about this post until now. Thank you for updating with the information. I am now experiencing some issues with lag/latency issues when trying to update more than one programmable bank in the solo with the kinco. I am awaiting a reply back from a Kinco representative regarding this issue.

          Basically now, I can build a screen on the HMI with bank 0(from solo) fields and everything works correctly. When i start creating additional screens for additional solo banks, things start getting funky. The fields in each screen begin lagging on updating and it gets worse with more fields/screens being added.