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PID control on Productivity 1000 for Home Brewing

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    Didn't even think about the average function spanning over the entire time of the brew day. Putting the timer on makes sense. Still a little confused about how the timer works to reset the average temp from your example above. Wouldn't the input of the AVERAGE command have to be reset every 5 seconds? When I read it, it looks like it is just forcing a rewrite of the value for the output over and over every 5 seconds. Maybe I am looking at this too hard. Still trying to understand how all this works.

    This is what I put in my program. Seems to work, but I don't have a good way of testing it over a large temperature span as of yet to see if it averages correctly. I trust you are right, it's just my inexperience that has me a little confused.

    Click image for larger version

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      Little, i looked at the Average function help and got the equation this function is using and I was wrong. This can be used to smooth a reading. I ran some testing and you can use it just as you are. My bad.