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PAC CopyChar Not copying all characters

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  • PAC CopyChar Not copying all characters

    S/W 1.7.1(1)
    CPU P3-550 / P3-RS / P3-RS
    F/W / /

    I am using CPI/CPO to comm with TDK/Lambda power supply.
    The CPC instruction is NOT copying all characters from the integer array.
    (o) Integer Array to String
    Source [PSU_RECV_CHAR]    Destination [PSU_Reply_RETSTRING]
    PSU_RECV_CHAR is AR1US8, 1 Row, 30 Columns
    PSU_Reply_RETSTRING is STR 30 Characters

    In dataview, PSU_RECV_CHAR has 17 contiguous NONZERO characters:
    which *should* equate to
    PSU_Reply_RETSTRING contains
    It is missing the .5 part of the model number.

    I have duplicated the logic used in 4 other PACs with same CPU and FW. They do not exhibit this behavior.
    The only differences that I can think of are:
    [1]The other programs were developed in an earlier version. All of this program was entered using S/W 1.7.1(1)
    [2]This PAC has two P3-RS modules attached.

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    The only way I have been able to duplicate this is to set the string which I am copying to at 15 characters. This is the default character count, so make sure your PSU_Reply_RESTRING is set to at least 17 characters. Tested with multiple sw versions and the last two firmware versions.


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      Originally posted by techme View Post
      make sure your PSU_Reply_RESTRING is set to at least 17 characters. Tested with multiple sw versions and the last two firmware versions.
      As noted in original post:
      PSU_RECV_CHAR is AR1US8, 1 Row, 30 Columns
      PSU_Reply_RETSTRING is STR 30 Characters
      I have performed stop-mode transfer, gone to stop, then run, changed PSU_Reply_RETSTRING to 31 characters. No luck.

      I will try with a new string tag and a power cycle tomorrow.

      techme, thanks for giving it a try!


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        Restarted PAC. String tag is still truncated.

        Created new string. All characters are copied using new string tag.
        Old string tag is still truncated.(I think that the tag was *created* as a 15 character tag and will not honor the resize to 31)
        Old tag sized to 31 characters, new tag sized to 30 characters.
        Tag database and rung screenshots attached.

        Please humor me a bit.
        Using the noted firmware as original post, create new string tag with 10 characters. Use CPC to attempt to copy 15 characters. It should fail.
        RESIZE the string to the size of the buffer array. It *SHOULD* work.
        Mine fails. It seems that the firmware does NOT resize larger than the original allocated size.
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          This is actually a display issue in the GUI. It looks like it has already been reported and will be fixed in the next sw release. You can prove it is just a display issue by using a CMPS(Compare String) instruction to compare your tag to the "LAMBDAGEN,600-8.5" to see when they are equal. You will see that the instruction equal bit will be true even though the display only shows LAMBDA,GEN for the string tag you have in the CPC instruction. You can delete the value(53) in the last integer location and initiate the CPC and you will see it go false then put 53 back in and see it go back equal. So it is actually increasing the string tag in the database when it is modified, it is just not displaying correctly.


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            It actually works correctly in the current sw release


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              Thank you for your time and effort!

              On a related issue:
              I am testing on another P3-550 SW 1.7.1(1) FW
              The CPC instruction is bunching the last couple numbers of the integer array
              Inside the CPC block I see
              I would think that this is also a GUI issue.
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                Cannot duplicate in release revision) and ( current fw revision).


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                  I have some issues with v1.8.
                  I lose all dataview tabs when opening a program from a previous version.
                  This program is a new development and I have about 18 well populated tabs in the dataview.
                  The initial save results in a fail message -- what really happens is the save of the dataview tabs fails, but the program seems to be ok.


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                    Loss of Dataview Tabs

                    Can you send in your project that you are losing Dataview tabs into tech support? I tried to duplicate this using 1.6 & 1.7 that each have 30 Dataview tabs with several tags each, then open with 1.8, save the project and can not reproduce the issue.

                    Would like to reproduce here so we can get the issue fixed in our next release.
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                      AD developers have duplicated the 'lost tabs' issue.
                      ADC asked for a sample project that would exhibit this behavior.
                      I sent a project to AD tech support. They duplicated the issue.

                      On the GUI issue...
                      I restarted my laptop, now the original offending tag shows the full string length. I also read the v1.8.0.19 release notes(items 1 and 14) -- It is mentioned there.

                      The other issue:
                      CPC instruction combining the last couple visible array values...
                      This happens in other instructions that display array data.
                      I have verified in V1.8.2(1) CPA, SRA, FLA, STA