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DL06 Ė Prosense Pressure sensor

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  • DL06 Ė Prosense Pressure sensor


    I am somewhat of a newbie and I know other users have posted similar questions; however, after reading different threads I havenít found a solution for my problem. Hopefully someone can help me out.

    I have a F0-08ADH-1 (8-channel analog input 0-20mA 16 BIT) module on a DL06.

    In all 8 channels I have Prosense pressure sensors. This is how I am using the channels:
    - Channels 1 to 4: PTD25-20-0015H in all 4 channels
    - Channels 5 to 8: SPT25-20-0300D, SPT25-20-1000D, SPT25-20-0060D, SPT25-20-1000D, respectively.

    I followed the program example from the manual for the analog current input module (DL05/DL06 Option Modules - Chapter 4) and I know that I did it correctly because it worked perfectly for channels 5 to 8 (SPT25 pressure transducers). I even have correct readings of pressure in psi on my HIM (Lookout Direct).

    The problem is I have no changes in the V-memory for channels 1 to 4 inputs (PTD25 pressure transmitters).

    I just canít figure out what it is. Does anyone have experience working with these pressure transmitters (PTD25-20-0015H)?

    I appreciate your help!

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    How are they wired?

    You should have Positive from your power source (the same PS powering the module) to pin 1, and pin 2 should go to the Channel input on your card.
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      I second the wiring check...

      Also, I have a DL06 program that uses these pressure transmitters (PTD25-20-0015H). They should be DWORD in your program.

      I can post a snippet or two, if you'd like...


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        Thank you for your replies.

        Ok, Iíll check the wiring see if that's it.

        scott.lawrence, thatíd be great if you can post it.


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          here are a few snips. Note that pics 2 & 3 just show the first four channels. The rungs not pictured resolve channels 4-8. This was done because the readings were sketchy if all 8 channels were filtered/scaled on one rung.


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            You were right, it was the wiring.

            The cable wiring was wrong. The electrical connection was made according to the picture that's on the sensor's installation manual but for the cable it's actually the mirror image as the one shown.

            Thanks for the help.