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I am new to PLC's and I have lots of questions.

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  • bcarlton
    1. The Directsoft software (assuming you already have it) - in the installation directory - help folder - DS User Manual. This helps with install, basic rung entry. Link creation and monitoring.

    2. The DL06 CPU - at the AutomationDirect site -Manuals/Docs - DL05/DL06 PLC Family - download D0-06USER-M. THOROUGHLY read this - you will refer to it a lot. It has wiring, data tables, the full instruction set with a thorough explanation for each command, sections on Stage programming and PID usage.

    3. For the analog manual in the same area download D0-OPTIONS-M. Find the section for your particular module. It should have wiring, programs setup and usage examples.

    That will keep you busy for a couple of weeks. Come back with questions.

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  • Ridgeline Mach
    Especially, since an 06 is such an old product, while the BRX is new, has a ton more memory & tools, and built-in analog.

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  • Tinker
    If you are a "newbie" you presumably do not have a great deal of experience with any specific programing environment. Do you already have a licensee for Direct soft? If you have to buy that also, then using a BRX will initially cost less and I think, would be a better option. Even if you do already have a license, consider the "sunk cost fallacy"

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  • I am new to PLC's and I have lots of questions.

    Hello I am attempting to make an electric torque wrench out of a torque transducer(SWS-50) that reads an input from a CNC which then chooses which torque setting is needed. I was going to attach a light to the system so that is yellow while waiting for all of the torques. Green once torque is met and red if torque is over by a %. Once torque is set properly it was going to send a signal to the CNC allowing it to run.

    Items that I am using
    Werma light - 691 200 55
    ECX 1040 (Push Button for Reset)

    What I am attempting

    x0-x1-x2-(set V memory location with voltage needed) (I am unsure what command I should use)

    >-<-(y0)(For Green Light) (if v memory location is greater then analog reading but less than over load green light)
    y0-(tmr c3)
    c3-(y2)(CNC OK)

    >-(y1)(For Red Light)

    Also how do I read analog voltages from the F0-2AD2DA-2?

    This is my first volley and I appreciate any help that I can get with this.