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How do I wire 24v fan using DL06 output?

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  • How do I wire 24v fan using DL06 output?

    Hi All,
    This is my first post in the forum as I learn to program and wire my DL-06DR plc. I have installed a thermocouple module/probe and want to use it to power on a computer case fan in the enclosure. I've searched around and cannot find a simple instruction on how to do this. I don't want to blow up my PLC which is why I'm asking instead of crossing my fingers and plugging it in.

    I have managed to write the program that will energize output Y0 when the thermocouple reads a temperature above 80F. I have a 24v DC case fan (~1400mA) that I'd like to turn on using output Y0. The, program works and Y0 'turns on' once the TC reads >=80F.

    My question is what is the proper wiring to achieve this? Thanks in advance and I hope the answer is as simple as I expect it to be!

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    While the DL-06DR relay outputs are capable of 2 amps I would use an external relay. They are cheaper to replace. Y0 drives a relay whose contacts switch power to the fan. Make sure your DC power supply and relay are sized for this application.
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      Hi, thank you for the reply! I was wrong about the fan's power requirement...

      The fan requires 80mA (0.08A) at 24vdc. I think this will be safe to run right off the PLC, but please share your concern if you think otherwise. I planned to run 2 fans (0.16A) in the final application.

      My intention was to get information about how the Output contacts work. Does it matter whether I wire it to source or to sink? Also, please let me know if you think this wiring setup would be reasonable (Using contact in sourcing mode -- I think):

      Wire from [24V terminal on PLC] to [C0] common terminal
      Wire from [Y0] terminal to hot side of DC fan
      Wire from neutral side of fan to [0V terminal on PLC]

      The fan does not have a ground wire -- it's a basic computer case fan. Thank you for your help!


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        Your wiring setup sounds fine given the lower current demand of the fan. I hesitate to use the PLC generated 24VDC as a supply for outputs though. I always use a seperate 24VDC power supply.