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Cmore recipe/Domore/RAMPSOAK advice

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  • Cmore recipe/Domore/RAMPSOAK advice

    Currently need advice if there may be a possibly easier way of doing a project I'm working on.

    The main (important) hardware I'm planning on using is a

    Cmore 6 inch touch screen with compact flash
    Domore CPU

    What I need accomplished is to be able to have a few recipe's that will control an oven's ramp/soak. These recipe's must also be able to be modified through the HMI at anytime and new recipes to be created through the HMI. Once a change or creation has been made, that memory card will be used to upload to any other oven that needs the new parameters. I really love the Domore's data logging of the PID loop, and it's also nice the Cmore can also data log.

    The way I'm currently working on this is in two parts:

    From the Cmore stand point I have a few preset recipes and a few blank recipe buttons. You either hit a button for the recipe you want to run or hit an edit button for that particular recipe. The part that gets very busy is the edit part. I currently have a "RAMP, RAMP # of degrees per minute, and SOAK." I have 20 of these for flexibility (ramp 1, soak 1, ramp 2, soak 2....ect) in numeric entry boxes so we're talking a lot of numeric entry boxes and a ton of tag names....

    For the Domore I plan on programming individual vmemory locations for each ramp and soak. Picking a different profile will load new parameters into these vmemory locations. 20 different sets of parameters will mean 80 different vmemory locations....20 ramps, 20 ramp over time, and 20 soaks (the ramp over time is 20 locations for ramp and 20 for the time value). If a value were to be left at 0 it would cause the "jog" part of the RAMP/SOAK box to become active (so that way it doesn't try and ramp to 0).

    As you can see, this seems like it would be quiet time consuming and I'm trying to get ideas/advice if there would be an easier way of writing this. As of right now, can't really seem to brainstorm any other ideas.

    Also on a side note, how would the PID monitor on the cmore be programmed to work correctly with the Domore? Haven't had a chance to really look into this but I'm sure I'll have questions on it later

    Sorry for the lengthy post, but the help will be greatly appreciated