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  • Tinker
    I'm not entirely sure, but I bet that would have been pretty easy in Windows 3.11, the current versions I'm not so sure. I would have thought it would require some helper program that took command line arguments, but... A quick search found these, witch look promising (but I haven't tried them myself)

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  • t110431
    started a topic Send Ascii from windows

    Send Ascii from windows

    Is there a way I can send an Ascii string from windows using a batch file to a click plc (preferably via ethernet)

    Let me explain, I'm using two click plc's with a cmore HMI to control the background of my Christmas light display, I mainly use the plc's to monitor which controllers have power, enable disable fog machines, control the amp, and control a few other things. Plus because I do industrial maintenance work I just had to have this as a monitoring/control system for my personal display. One thing I would like to be able to do is to have what song is playing in the display show up on the HMI, as of now I was able to get it to work using 4 AC inputs on the plc the light controllers will power a different set of those inputs based on which song is playing which gives me 15 possible combinations then on the HMI I would enter in what each combinations song is, then using the copy instruction in the plc I have it set to copy that ascii string over to the main one when that rung is true.

    What I would like to be able to do since the software that controls the light display does support Windows Shell commands (It can run a different command on each song/sequence) I would like to be able to have it send the ASCII string to the plc which would make the whole process more efficient and easier. Is it possible to write a batch file (and what would I write) so that when the batch file is opened it automatically will send an ascii string to the plc?