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Need Help D4-454 sending information to Zebra Printer

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  • Need Help D4-454 sending information to Zebra Printer


    I have a project where I am trying to get my d4-454 cpu to send information to be printed on a serial printer.

    So where I am at is this.

    I have made a cable from DB25 on the plc to the DB9 on the back of the printer. I have the pins 2,3, and 7 on the DB25 hooked to pins 2,3, and 5 on the DB9. I found this information in the manual for my printer and the manual for my plc.

    I then went into directsoft 6 and PLC>Setup>Setup Sec. Port.

    Inside there under ports 1 and 3. I deselected the Protocol boxes and then checked the Non-Seq(AscII).

    Checked the box for printing only (don't know if that or any of these selections are correct).

    Set the data bits, baud, stop, and parity to the same as my printer.

    After that I made a simple rung of logic with a normally open C0 contact feeding to a PRINT box. Inside the text of the print box I placed the following text.

    "^XA$R$N^FO50,50^ADN,36,20^FDadam$R$N^FS$R$N^X Z"

    When I close the C0 contact in my head I thought it would cause the print box to be sent to the printer.

    That is not what I am seeing.

    I am looking for help on this and would appreciate any input.


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    Here is a link to An-D2-002 Application Notes.. When I was doing this work ( late '90's ) this AN was not published yet.. I received some Documents Directly from AD ( then PLC Direct ) that allowed me to do this..

    I have copies of my original Faxes From PLC Direct that includes a little more information than is available from AN-D2-002.

    Serial Communication is NOT for the Faint of Heart, or the 'Willing to Give Up'.. Serial Coms can be a REAL PITA.. Sometimes it just takes a Few beers and a Coulple of days for the Lites to Start Flashing, and that SOB to finally start talking..

    If you PM me your E-mail, I can Zap you out a PDF File that has my org Documents as well as AN-D2-002

    Good luck..



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      Sent you a private message.

      So where I am at now I have been able to get a D0-06DR cpu to print directly to my zebra printer. I am using the "print" box to send a simple ASCII string to the printer and it works great. I am having trouble getting my D4-454 to do the same. My main issue with my D4-454 cpu seems to be the fact that it does not want to accept my Secondary comport settings changes. I change the settings and select the close option which then pops up a save button and I do so. But if I go back into the setup secondary comport it does not reflect the changes I selected and saved. Has anyone else seen an issue like this before?

      I am assuming it is something I am doing wrong and would like some guidance.