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Lost ... need info on connecting PLC to web

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  • Lost ... need info on connecting PLC to web

    Admittedly, I am an old time panel builder. Most of what I do is using relays since that is what my clients like (as one of them last told me, I don't want any of that computer cr##).

    Anyway, I have used PLC's in jobs several times with great success. Latter logic makes complete sense.

    I have also written my own web page and I have a friend who does this for a living so that is easy enough.

    I just had a client call me and said he needs a panel, plc controlled that he can access through the web.

    He wants to be able to turn 10 pumps on and off ... have the web site show if they are on or off ... check the flow on two flow meters (4-20 mA) instantaneous read only, not total functions .... have the computer call up if the flow drops below a certain rate ... and have the plc totalize the flow and send an e-mail out each morning saying what yesterdays total flow was.

    So I started reading. The plc part is simple. I am still trying to decide between a touch screen and old fashion HOA switches.

    The problem is how to tie a web site into the PLC.

    I keep reading about a thin server.

    Is this just a computer in the control panel with software running on it or is it some kind of embedded module or is there a module you can buy for a PLC with this built into it or ??????

    The individual parts seem simple enough ... Just need to figure out how this all ties in together.

    Thanks so much ...... Mike

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    I have never used it before, but I believe the CMore has a web server function in it. You can probably use that without the need for additional server hardware and just do the necessary web config for making it available remotely. Just make sure you have some good security and a good username and password. Otherwise you will find people logging in and messing with settings just for fun.


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      Thanks! I will download the manual and take a good look.