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click stuck in update firmware mode

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  • click stuck in update firmware mode

    I am trying to connect to a click cpu. When I try to connect to it, I get a error message stating

    "The CPU module is in the update firmware mode because it doesn't have any firmware. Please download firmware to the cpu."

    The update screen shows it has 1.4 loaded. I reloaded it multiple times, but always get that warning.

    My cable is homemade, but has worked before and it appears to ohm out ok.

    Any suggestions?

    The error light is on, but I'm pretty sure that is just because I never loaded a program to it.

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    Check your voltage to the CPU. It has to be at least 24VDC +/-10%.
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      Yep, you got it

      I wish I would have realized that earlier. I was powered the unit up at my desk, but was using a simple 12vdc power supply. And yes, that makes a difference.


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        Thanks to both of you.

        I did the SAME THING today! 12V just won't do it.
        Be nice if the firmware could indicate this on the plc. - like blink the power LED.